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FMI means “For More Information”

Our Mission

Our mission is to create informative and engaging history-related web content for historical sites, organizations, businesses, and governments–and all linked with QR technology for convenient access on smartphones.  

Our Passion

As professional historians our passion is for the history that’s all around us. Your visitors, clients, and patrons will benefit from and greatly appreciate knowing more of the story of you, your organization, your town, or your city. 

The FMI Research Staff

 Robert Saunders, Jr., PhD

Robert Saunders, Jr., PhD

Senior Researcher

Bob is a professional historian with thirty years experience.

Martin T. Olliff, PhD

Martin T. Olliff, PhD

Senior Reseacher

Marty is a professional historian and a fully trained archivist.

Our Services

The FMI GROUP, LLC digitally preserves and presents HISTORY in all its many forms.  We specialize in creating informative and engaging web content for historical locations and sites, churches, associations, organizations, and institutions—and we link all content using QR code technology.

For Historical Sites and Smartphone Guided Tours

For Associations, Institutions, Churches, Businesses, and Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using The FMI Group’s services?
  • Using The FMI Group’s services means that you can conveniently—and without costly and ongoing printing expenses—inform your guests of your history, inspire them with your story, and connect with them on a much deeper and more engaged level.
  • All three tiers of service include your location’s history being professionally researched and chronicled within an informative and engaging narrative. Images that reflect your location’s past and complement the narrative will be collected, produced, and digitized—and these are included in all packages.
  • Your guests and clients with smartphones will enjoy instant access to your story wherever you decide to display your QR code. For interior use, it could be hanging in your lobby or waiting area, displayed on your desk, or even mounted onto keepsake accessories. QR ceramic tiles and stainless plates likewise can be displayed outdoors.
What is "The FMI Process"?

Through a multi-stage production process, FMI’s professional historians will, depending on the level of service ordered, research your location’s history, collect and digitize images, create digital recordings, and develop any additional features that will appear on your webpage.   Rest assured that you will be involved during every stage of the process.

How much do FMI services cost?

We offer three packages that are priced at $279, $379, and $479.  See Packages and Pricing for full details.

Do you have a refund policy?

The FMI Group will gladly grant a 100% refund if the client should desire it during any stage of the production process. We require a refundable 30% deposit to begin the FMI Process, with the balance due after all materials are complete and you are thoroughly satisfied.

On whose website will my content be stored and displayed?
It is intended that all FMI-created materials will be uploaded to the client’s webpage. However, we will design and host your FMI pages if requested.  Our per-page design services are $179 and we can host your pages for $2.99/month billable annually or in three-year terms.
What are QR codes and how does FMI use them?

QR codes (meaning “Quick Reference” codes) consist of black squares arranged in a square grid on a light background which can be read by an imaging device such as a smartphone or tablet.

FMI generates a unique QR code for each location it researches and embeds the code into a ceramic tile or metal plate. Clients can then display the QR wherever they wish and their visitors can “shoot” the QR code with their smartphones and open the webpage with the FMI-created content.

Most smartphones today include a pre-installed QR Reader.  If your phone or tablet does not have the reader, there are several free QR reader apps available at your app store. Though FMI does not endorse any particular reader, we have had good experience with the i-nigma reader, which can be downloaded for free from your app store or by following

QR codes on display allow visitors, clients, and customers an especially convenient way of accessing your story.  Few people today leave home without their smartphones in hand—offering them a quick and convenient way to read your story and learn more about you, your company, or your location will be beneficial for both you and your visitors.

Who owns the research, web content, QR code, and media files?

FMI-created materials will become your property once all materials have been produced and delivered to your satisfaction. This includes the QR code file which you can reproduce in any way you wish. See our Terms and Conditions for full details.

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Complete the “Contact Us” form and we will email or phone you to arrange an initial appointment.